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Lost Transport: Cinema release 27 April

The gripping war drama "Lost Transport" opens in cinemas nationwide on April 27, 2023. Inspired by true events surrounding a liberated deportation train, director Saskia Diesing delivers an unprecedented female perspective on the end of World War 2: Three women - a Jewish Dutch woman, a young German woman and a Russian sniper - defy differing sensibilities to stick together in an extreme situation. A strongly acted tribute to women's resilience as well as a timeless story about humanity and forgiveness!



Spring 1945: Shortly before the end of the war, a deportation train bound for Theresienstadt with over two thousand Jewish concentration camp prisoners is stranded in the middle of a pasture. The train driver uncouples the engine and flees with the other German soldiers from the Red Army, which has already occupied the nearby German village of Tröbitz. The starving people on the train are left to fend for themselves and rely on help from the village. When typhus also breaks out, Tröbitz is quarantined by the Russian occupation - no one gets in, no one gets out. In this desperate situation full of mistrust and desire for revenge, an unexpected friendship grows between the Jewish Dutchwoman Simone (Hanna van Vliet), the young German Winnie (Anna Bachmann) and the Russian sniper Vera (Eugénie Anselin).

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